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Chris the Roofer NYC started working throughout the Staten Island, NY area in 2019, and countless residential customers have thoroughly enjoyed our experience of 25 years and dedication to satisfaction! You can call for a free estimate and tell us what you need from us! We’ll offer you the same determination, skill, and knowledge a perfect roofing contractor should offer!

Roofing Contractor

Roofing Contractor

A Perfect Roof Comes from Experience

We can’t make a perfect roof come down from the sky. That’s not why people hire us. We’re not magicians – we’re qualified professionals who want to offer an excellent roofing service to everyone. We do that through a process that includes customer wishes and demands and gets the job done by perfecting every detail! Our phones are even open for 24/7 emergency services!

Our Values Won’t Wash Away With Time

Working with a fantastic roofing contractor means they will provide quality and value! You can find such contractors at our company any time of day! We want to show you the respect you deserve and display our want for perfection! Those values are what people look for, and we’d be crazy not to have them and keep them through time!

Call Chris the Roofer NYC at (570) 406-3134 today! Ask about our perfect roofing service! Do you know how grateful you will be when you call? We will explain our process, and that’s not all! We don’t like working off words and attracting customers that way. We show how excellent we are, so if you live in and around Staten Island, NY and need a fantastic showing of perfection and precision, you call us, and we’ll turn up!


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